State Supreme Courts Weigh In on Police Reform

Recent state decisions have increased accountability for law enforcement and upheld laws aimed at curbing police violence. 

Cases, Courts, and Constitutions Across the 50 States


A Conversation with Former New York High Court Judge Albert Rosenblatt

Rosenblatt spoke about the importance of closing the access-to-justice gap and the friendships he developed with his fellow judges.  

Abortion and Trans Rights Advocates Turn to Unlikely Tool in State Constitutions 

Lawsuits seeking to expand access to abortion and gender-affirming care rely on GOP-backed “health care freedom" provisions passed to limit the Affordable Care Act.

District of Columbia Courts Explained

The Washington, DC, court system shares many similarities with state courts, but with a few important caveats.

State Supreme Court ‘Shadow Dockets’: More Power with Less Transparency

State supreme courts are shaping the law and resolving some of the most consequential issues facing society in ways that are almost impossible for us to see.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Plummeting Productivity

The state high court will issue fewer than 20 opinions this term — less than a fifth of its average output two decades ago.  

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