Kathrina Szymborski Wolfkot

Kathrina Szymborski Wolfkot is the managing editor of State Court Report and a senior counsel in the Judiciary Program at the Brennan Center for Justice. 


State Supreme Courts Weigh In on Police Reform

Recent state decisions have increased accountability for law enforcement and upheld laws aimed at curbing police violence. 

South Carolina High Court Hears Challenge to Firing Squads and Electric Chair

States have increasingly turned to antiquated, painful methods of execution in response to shortages of lethal injection drugs.

Texas Supreme Court to Determine Scope of ‘Medical Emergency’ Exceptions to Abortion Bans

The plaintiffs include 20 women who were denied abortion care and two doctors who say Texas’s abortion bans prevent them from meeting their ethical obligations.

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Controversial Google Keyword Warrant

The decision marks the first time a supreme court has addressed the constitutionality of warrants asking search companies to identify everyone who ran a given search.

States and Feds Diverge on Fair Sentencing Practices

Though U.S Supreme Court justices pledged respect for acquittals earlier this week, state courts have proven more willing to protect people from serving prison time for crimes a jury found they didn’t commit.

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