Cases, Courts, and Constitutions Across the 50 States


New York’s Top Court Leaves Questions Unanswered on Discovery Laws

The court’s opinion offered guidance on prosecutors’ responsibilities under major criminal justice reform, but precise contours remain unclear.

North Carolina High Court Set to Backtrack on School Funding

The state supreme court is revisiting its 2022 ruling requiring the legislature to allocate funds to ensure children receive a constitutionally adequate education. 

Are Forced Condo Sales “Takings” Under the Arizona Constitution?

The state high court is set to rule in a dispute between homeowners and an investment firm.

A Conversation About the Colorado Constitution: Success Story or Cautionary Tale?

A Colorado Supreme Court Justice, a law professor, and a State Court Report editor discussed how state constitutions impact democracy, abortion rights, and more.

The Spirit of Aloha vs. the Second Amendment

Quoting the TV show The Wire, the Hawaii Supreme Court observed, “The thing about the old days, they the old days.”

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling Overturns Harmful Precedent in Abortion Ruling

The high court issued a resounding win for abortion clinics challenging a ban on using Medicaid funding for the procedure. 

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