Kansas Supreme Court Declares Voting Is Not a Fundamental Right 

The decision makes it more likely that laws restricting voting rights in Kansas will be upheld, though protections for voting remain.

Cases, Courts, and Constitutions Across the 50 States

State Supreme Courts May Abolish Life Without Parole For 'Felony Murder'

People serving life in prison in Colorado, Michigan, and Pennsylvania for murder — even though they never meant to kill anyone — are arguing their sentences are unconstitutionally cruel. 

How Closely Should State Courts Scrutinize Laws that Restrict Voting? 

The level of judicial review can be the decisive factor in whether a law burdening the right to vote is upheld.

Three U.S. Supreme Court Cases that Transformed State Judicial Elections

Judicial elections have become major political battlegrounds — complete with dark money, special interests, and attack ads — thanks to several U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

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