A Conversation with Former Texas Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson 

Jefferson spoke about judicial independence, the under-funding of courts, and the need for greater access to counsel. 

Cases, Courts, and Constitutions Across the 50 States

Will Voters Have the Final Say on Abortion Rights in Florida?

Lawmakers could undermine reproductive rights even if voters enshrine abortion protections into the state constitution. 

Using Appellate Decisions and Algorithms to Advance Judicial Transparency

A new report analyzes New York appellate decisions decreasing sentences in order to identify judges that frequently hand down unduly harsh punishments.

State Courts Can and Should Do More to Protect Voters 

State constitutional clauses collectively elevate the status of voters as a group, giving state courts a strong reason to use a separation of powers analogy against efforts to curtail voting rights. 

Wisconsin’s Legislative Vetoes Go to Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is set to decide whether a legislative committee can override executive branch decisions. 

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