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Alicia Bannon is editor in chief for State Court Report. She is also director of the Judiciary Program at the Brennan Center for Justice.


Judicial Advisory Opinions Explained

State and federal courts differ not just in the substantive rights they recognize but also in how they define judicial power.

The Stakes in Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Election

The outcome could have big implications for abortion rights, elections, and more.

New Mexico Supreme Court Hints at a Big Constitutional Change

A footnote in a recent opinion could signal a new method for analyzing state constitutional claims.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Will Consider Voting Maps with All Justices Participating

Justice Janet Protasiewicz declined to recuse herself from a challenge to the state’s legislative maps, while Republican legislators may be stepping back from impeachment threats.

Governor DeSantis vs. Prosecutorial Discretion

Florida is one of several places where prosecutors are being targeted because of their charging decisions.

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