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Alicia Bannon is editor in chief for State Court Report. She is also director of the Judiciary Program at the Brennan Center for Justice.


What the SCOTUS Term Means for State Courts

Some of the Court’s most important holdings — including on abortion, gun restrictions, and presidential immunity — have implications for state courts and constitutions. 

Three U.S. Supreme Court Cases that Transformed State Judicial Elections

Judicial elections have become major political battlegrounds — complete with dark money, special interests, and attack ads — thanks to several U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

Fourth Amendment Lags Behind State Search and Seizure Provisions 

State courts have long provided more search and seizure protections than the U.S. Supreme Court — and they sometimes influence federal law.

One Simple Way to Support State Constitutionalism

A symposium grapples with practical barriers to state constitutional development.

Arizona Highlights Risk of “Zombie” Laws

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling has breathed new life into long-unenforced abortion laws.

Montana Strikes Down Voting Restrictions

At issue was a series of state laws passed in 2021 that created new hurdles for voting, such as eliminating Election Day voter registration and a ban on paid absentee ballot collection.

State ERAs Take Center Stage

Nevada became the second state in as many months to issue a major abortion ruling based on the state constitution’s equal rights amendment.  

What We’ll Be Watching in the 2024 Elections

Our new Election 2024 page that will collect stories that explain, contextualize, and track all the ways state courts and constitutions matter this election season. 

Alabama IVF Ruling Puts Spotlight on Fetal Personhood Rights

The decision is an extension of fetal personhood protections that have existed and been enforced in Alabama — and many other states — since before Dobbs

The Spirit of Aloha vs. the Second Amendment

Quoting the TV show The Wire, the Hawaii Supreme Court observed, “The thing about the old days, they the old days.”

Massachusetts Breaks New Ground in Limiting Youth Punishments

A series of State Court Report essays analyze the broader implications of the ruling.

Texas and the Next Generation of Abortion Fights

Kate Cox sought an emergency abortion after learning her fetus has a fatal genetic condition. Her case illustrates an emerging set of battles to define the scope of legal exceptions to strict state abortion bans.

Judicial Advisory Opinions Explained

State and federal courts differ not just in the substantive rights they recognize but also in how they define judicial power.

The Stakes in Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Election

The outcome could have big implications for abortion rights, elections, and more.

New Mexico Supreme Court Hints at a Big Constitutional Change

A footnote in a recent opinion could signal a new method for analyzing state constitutional claims.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Will Consider Voting Maps with All Justices Participating

Justice Janet Protasiewicz declined to recuse herself from a challenge to the state’s legislative maps, while Republican legislators may be stepping back from impeachment threats.

Welcome to State Court Report

The new commentary, news, and resource hub covers state constitutional developments nationwide.

The Constitutional Right to Food

Maine’s protections could be used as a stealth vehicle to thwart gun restrictions.

Protecting Against Extreme Punishments

The Supreme Court’s Eighth Amendment jurisprudence has come to obscure what started as robust state constitutional protections.

The Supreme Court and the States

This term, the justices considered cases with widely varying outcomes and major implications for state courts.

What’s Next in Wisconsin

Republican state legislators threaten to upset long-standing norms of judicial independence.

Massachusetts Protects the Right to Be ‘Rude’ in Town Meetings

“Peaceable and orderly” isn’t the same as “respectful and courteous.”

Stare Decisis in the Spotlight

North Carolina’s reconfigured supreme court will hear two recently decided democracy cases.

A Conversation with Washington Supreme Court Chief Justice Steven C. González

Washington State’s chief justice discusses balls and strikes, diversity on the bench, and the role of state courts in protecting rights.

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