Kevin Frazier

Kevin Frazier is an assistant professor of law at the Benjamin L. Crump College of Law at St. Thomas University. He previously served as a clerk on the Montana Supreme Court.



To Prepare for Emergency, States Must Resolve Constitutional Ambiguities

Thirty-five state constitutions contain provisions that allow lawmakers to take extraordinary action in emergencies, but the full extent of these powers hasn’t been tested. 

North Dakota Budget Bill Struck Down as Violation of ‘Single Subject’ Constitutional Rule

The state supreme court relied on a seldom-used state constitutional provision to upend a long-standing state legislative practice.

Modernizing State Constitutions Helps Judges Do Their Jobs

A recent Montana state court decision reveals the interpretative clarity afforded by state constitutions that undergo regular and transparent revision.

How Much Is Too Much in a Bill or Amendment?

A recent New Mexico Supreme Court opinion highlights how single-subject rule decisions in many states give legislators and courts little guidance.

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