Michael Milov-Cordoba

Michael Milov-Cordoba is a counsel in the Judiciary Program at the Brennan Center for Justice.


Kentucky Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Meant to Steer Cases Away from ‘Liberal’ Judges

The court held that a law allowing parties to change venue in certain cases violated state constitutional separation of powers principles.

Mississippi Supreme Court Blocks Part of Law Changing How Jackson Judges Are Selected

The court struck down the creation of new appointed circuit judges while leaving an inferior court intact

District of Columbia Courts Explained

The Washington, DC, court system shares many similarities with state courts, but with a few important caveats.

Territorial Courts, Constitutions, and Organic Acts, Explained

There are five inhabited U.S. territories, each with its own court system and governing documents.

Remote Court Three Years Later

State courts have largely sidestepped state constitutional questions about remote criminal proceedings.

School Funding Case Shows Challenges of Upholding Certain Rights in Court

An ideological shift on the North Carolina Supreme Court could upend a landmark decision in a long-running battle for adequate public education spending under the state’s constitution.

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