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Black Voters Matter v. Byrd

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Plaintiffs allege that the newly enacted congressional map is racially discriminatory and a partisan gerrymander in violation of the state constitution.

The suit alleges that the map intentionally dilutes the voting power of Black voters by cracking such voters throughout the state. As an example, the plan “obliterates” FL-5—the only district in North Florida where Black voters could elect their candidate of choice—by splitting the district’s Black population among four congressional districts. Regarding partisan gerrymandering, the plaintiffs contend that the map eliminates three Democratic seats and transforms two previously competitive districts into Republican-leaning seats.

On May 12, 2022, a trial court temporarily enjoined Florida’s new congressional map, finding that the map violated the Florida Constitution because it diminished the ability of Black voters’ residing in FL-5 to elect their candidate of choice. The court ordered the implementation of the plaintiffs’ proposed alternative plan for the 2022 election cycle, but an intermediate appeals court ruled that the trial court did not have discretion to implement that plan.

In September 2023, a trial judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs. An intermediate appeals court reversed and plaintiffs have asked the Florida Supreme Court to review the case.

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