• Case of Note

Montana Democratic Party v. Jacobsen

Docket number
DA 22-0172, DA 22-0667

Held that laws eliminating election day registration, limiting the forms of acceptable identification for voting, and placing additional burdens on young voters violated the state constitution. Held that when a law minimally burdens the right to vote, but does not impermissibly interfere with it, a “middle-tier” of scrutiny is appropriate

Opinions, Briefs and other Documents

  • Other Documents

Christie Jacobsen - Notice of Appeal

  • Party Brief

Jacobsen - Reply Brief

  • Party Brief

Montana Youth Action et al - Brief

  • Party Brief

Montana Democratic Party - Brief

  • Amicus Brief

Montana Federation of Public Employees

  • Amicus Brief

Lawyers Democracy Fund - Amicus Brief

  • Party Brief

Jacobsen - Opening Brief

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