Gabriella Sanchez

Gabriella Sanchez is a staff writer and editor at the Brennan Center for Justice.


Bridging Gaps and Building Law Clerk Diversity in State Courts

CORA is a new resource that aims to boost access to state court clerkship opportunities.

Ohio Supreme Court Hears Challenge to Pause of Abortion Ban

As Ohioans prepare to vote on an abortion ballot measure this fall, the state is asking to reinstate a six-week ban that was put on hold by a trial court.

Iowa Lawsuit Tests Boundaries of Legislative Privilege

The state’s highest court will consider whether state legislators can be ordered to produce communications with members of the public in a voting rights case.

South Carolina’s Supreme Court Backtracks on Reproductive Rights

The high court upheld a strict abortion ban just seven months after striking down a similar law.

Montana Supreme Court Expands Abortion Access

The high court reaffirmed the right to abortion under the Montana Constitution.

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