Erin Geiger Smith

Erin Geiger Smith is a writer and editor at the Brennan Center for Justice.


Texas Supreme Court Rejects Call to Clarify Exception to Abortion Ban 

Plaintiffs who suffered severe physical and emotional harm after being denied abortions claimed the medical exceptions to the ban are unclear and unconstitutional.

Center For Reproductive Rights Litigation Director Discusses the High Stakes of Abortion Litigation 

State Court Report spoke with counsel for the plaintiffs challenging Texas’s strict abortion ban — which the state supreme court just ruled was constitutional.

State Court Oral Arguments to Watch for in June

Issues on the dockets include early voting, rules for poll watchers, discretionary sentencing, and a climate change trial brought by young plaintiffs.

A Conversation with Former New York High Court Judge Albert Rosenblatt

Rosenblatt spoke about the importance of closing the access-to-justice gap and the friendships he developed with his fellow judges.  

A Conversation with Justice Goodwin H. Liu of the California Supreme Court

Liu spoke about how judicial decisions affect citizens, the state’s system of direct democracy, and the importance of educating law students about state courts.

The Arizona High Court Upheld A 160-Year-Old Abortion Ban. Now What?

Abortion law expert David Cohen talks about Arizona’s ongoing abortion litigation, a possible abortion amendment in the state, and the biggest threats to abortion rights nationwide.

A Conversation with Former Texas Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson 

Jefferson spoke about judicial independence, the under-funding of courts, and the need for greater access to counsel. 

Minnesota Supreme Court Considering Voting Rights Restoration Law

The court appears poised to leave in place the law, which returns the right to vote to as many as 60,000 people.

Wisconsin to Vote on Proposed Amendments That Could Make Running Elections Harder 

If approved, the changes could leave election administration underfunded and understaffed. 

North Carolina High Court Set to Backtrack on School Funding

The state supreme court is revisiting its 2022 ruling requiring the legislature to allocate funds to ensure children receive a constitutionally adequate education. 

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