Marcus Gadson

Marcus Gadson is an assistant professor of law at Campbell University, where he teaches state constitutional law. 


Single-Subject Rules Can Prevent Perverse Outcomes but Give Judges Enormous Power

Single-subject requirements were used to strike down a Missouri law criminalizing homelessness and also helped undermine attempts to protect abortion access in other states.

People with Felony Records Face High Hurdles to Regaining Voting Rights in Tennessee

A recent Tennessee Supreme Court case that made it harder for those convicted of a felony to vote could could tip the balance in close elections.

Washington Voters Used Their Constitutional Recall Power to Remove School Board Members

The Washington Supreme Court approved the recall effort despite the state constitution’s strict requirements for recalling officials.

Iowa Supreme Court Reverses Itself on Lawsuits for Constitutional Rights Violations

Overturning a recent precedent, the court ruled that Iowans have no right to sue for money damages when government officials violate their rights.

Judicial Whiplash in North Carolina Redistricting Case

The new court majority reversed itself and found the state constitution powerless to confront partisan gerrymandering.

Nevada Supreme Court Chips Away at Immunity for Law Enforcement Misconduct

A recent decision will help plaintiffs win damages when government officials violate the state constitution.

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